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Rising Roots Microgreens - Grow kit collage

Grow Kit

Having fresh food at your fingertips is any chefs dream. Having densely rich food to harvest at any given moment is any health practitioners desire. Having the thirst to grow and learn is every child.
Rising Roots Microgreens - Glass jars


This is all the seasons in a sealed glass jar.. The difference being 25 grams more compared to a pack found in any shops. The nutritionally dense contents is Rising Roots signature blend.
Rising Roots Microgreens - Finishing Touches packs x 3

Finishing Touches

Each and every pack has its own unique twist as each ingredient has been individually placed by hand. This means you can clearly select the perfect garnish for your dish.
Rising Roots Microgreens - Sunflower shoots pack

Sunflower Shoots

Sunflower Shoots are high in vitamin E. This helps reduce blood pressure, increase the elasticity of arteries and prevent heart disease. They are also rich in zinc.
Rising Roots Microgreens - Pea Shoot pack

Pea Shoots

Tastes distinctly like a pea. Sweet, fresh, crunchy. Very popular in the restaurant industry. Dancing tendrils that add a playful and attractive dynamic to a dish.
Rising Roots Microgreens - Four Seasons Micro Blend

Four Seasons Microblend

This is all the seasons in one small pack containing an assortment of shoots and brassicas.
Gut Feelings kombucha


Multi award winning Kombucha brewed in the North East of Scotland. ‘Gut Feelings’ Kombucha is a fermented tea available in different flavours.

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