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Subscribe and have fresh greens delivered weekly.

There are multiple options to choose from depending on the needs of you and/or your family. You can tailor your order to match your favourite flavours and nutrition requirements. Please check the Subscription Information below before subscribing.

A typical delivery is comprised of one or more of these options:

green selection- Rising Roots living pots

Living pots

There is a great selection of living pots to choose from. There are herbs such as thai basil, coriander, fennel and vegetable microgreens the likes of kale, mustard and rocket. Try something different every week and experience the benefit of living food as it fills you with fresh vitamins and minerals.

Rising Roots Microgreens - Glass jars


A whopping 75g of Rising Roots signature blend made up of sunflower shoots, pea shoots kale radish and broccoli. This is delivered in an air tight, sealed glass jar to keep the contents fresh in your fridge. Every delivery day you leave your glass jar on your door step and we will replace it with a new one. This is a take on the milk bottle delivery which reduces waste and contributes to a sustainable circular economy. That is good for you and the planet.

Rising Roots Microgreens - Coriander Blend pack

A blend pack

Choose from our basil blend coriander blend or The Rocket Pack. Each containing a blend of powerful herbs and microgreens that will enrich your body with optimum nutrition.

Gut Feelings kombucha

Gut Feelings Kombucha

Multi award winning Kombucha brewed in the North East of Scotland. ‘Gut Feelings’ Kombucha is a fermented tea available in different flavours. Unlike any other beverage on the market, ‘Gut Feelings’ kombucha is mildly sweet and acts as a natural energy booster. Add a returnable 330ml glass bottle to your subscription every week and experience the ultimate health benefits.  

Pricing options.

Option 1.

£3.75 per week

2 units fortnightly.

Option 2.

£6. per week

2 units every week. 

Option 3.

£8.25 per week 

3 units every week.


Are you a chef? Get in touch for trade prices.

Hand delivery Subscription

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Postal Delivery Subscription

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Subscription information


Payments are taken automatically via Paypal once a month on the day of your first order. You will have your first delivery either on a Tuesday Thursday or Friday depending where you are on the map and when you signed up.

There are no delivery charges provided you live within delivery route below. If you live out-with the red dots please get in touch. Rising Roots would still love to deliver your microgreens. There is always a way.

Are you on the “Rising Route”?


All deliveries of microgreens are in a returnable glass jar which you leave on your doorstep and we will exchange weekly or fortnightly. Each glass jar contains Rising Roots signature blend, ‘The Four Seasons micro-blend’. There is also an option for 12oz compostable pack made by vegware ( which you can dispose of in your brown garden waste wheelie bin. (Only suitable for industrial composting in N/E Scotland).  There are also vegware pots that have living microgreens growing inside which you can return and we will re-use for your next delivery. The ‘Gut Feelings’ Kombucha comes in a 330ml glass bottle that can be returned and replaced for every delivery. All of these options support a circular, zero waste and local economy.

Your first delivery will either be on a Tuesday, Thursday or Friday. Depending on the day of your initial payment will determine how long you will wait for your first delivery. You will never have to wait longer than one week from first payment. Every delivery thereafter will be weekly or fortnightly depending on your subscription option.

If you would like to request a certain living pot or variety of blend please send Rising Roots a message at the time of your order or speak to the delivery driver in person to make a request.

Alternatively, you can sit back, relax and Rising Roots will have you covered. You will be delivered whichever living microgreens in a pot are on rotation on the day of delivery a long with a glass jar.

Canceling your subscription

Because of sowing to harvest time your microgreens have begun growing 2 weeks before your delivery.

If you want to cancel your subscription please give 2 weeks notice before payment is due.