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Rising Roots microgreens is based on the beautiful Moray coastline. We hand deliver the highest quality and nutritionally dense microgreens, specialist herbs and edible flowers to the north of Scotland.

Find Rising Roots produce in local independent shops, zero waste stores, farmers markets, eateries, high-end restaurants and hotels. There is also a home delivery subscription for weekly fresh greens and a postal service for next day delivery.

Rising Roots Microgreens - the Rocket pack

we harvest

We deliver the freshest produce within hours of being harvested… Experience optimum nutrition.

Rising Roots Microgreens - Glass jars

zero waste

All our packaging is either returnable glass jars or compostable containers made in Scotland by vegware.

Red Rambo Radish

you harvest

We deliver living greens still growing in a pot. You choose when to harvest… Experience optimum freshness.

Life is a garden… you dig?

…Well, maybe you do dig or maybe you don’t but either way Rising Roots is here to provide a service that can cater for your busy schedule whether you have time to grow in your garden or not.  

Perhaps you haven’t the experience growing microgreens or maybe you cannot get to the farmers market or store every week to get your fresh pack. Whatever the reason may be it is a perfect excuse to get involved with the Rising Roots subscription service

Are you on the ‘Rising’ Route?

There are no delivery charges provided you live within delivery route below. If you live out-with the red dots please get in touch. Rising Roots would still love to deliver your microgreens. There is always a way.

The Rising route

The Difference

All of our produce is organically grown.

We adopt zero waste and circular economy ethics.

Rising Roots is a locally-owned enterprise.

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