About Rising Roots

Sprouted in 2020,

Tiny greens with big flavour.

Rising Roots has been dedicated to delivering premium microgreens, herbs and edible flowers to the Highlands and Grampian. Nestled on the Moray coast we’re on a mission to feed the people of Scotland nutritious goodness.

Our microgreens can be found in local restaurants, hotels, cafes, farmers markets and zero waste stores. For a convenient option, we offer a home delivery service known as “salad-in-a-jar.”

Our devotion to providing microgreens to the local community stems from a responsibility to encourage healthy living for all.

Rising Roots collaborates closely with chefs to create customised microgreen mixes that perfectly complement their dishes.  Something fresh, local and organic on every dish. Comprise flavours, and characteristics. You could have of a punch of zing and world of colour. Get creative with your very own personal farmer at-the-ready, transform your culinary dreams.

Local love, minimal miles. Chemical-free, non-GMO seeds, organically certified compost… We’re simply rooted in the wholesome and want to offer it to you. 

Rising Roots Microgreens - Finishing Touches pack

We deliver salad 12 months of the year. And its all grown locally.

How we do it

The indoor, climate controlled framework provides the microgreens with accurately monitored conditions. All greens are grown under LED lighting in a hygienic re-purposed space. Optimum amounts of organic nutrients, air and water serve your microgreens so they can grow wholesome and flavourful.

Rising Roots structure also minimises arable land usage and eliminates heavy machinery.  The growing space is designed vertically with the microgreens stacked on shelving units. Quite literally the Roots are Rising!

Furthering the commitment to environment all of our packaging is natural, compostable, biodegradable or returnable and is made in Scotland by Vegware.

Find out what microgreens are and why they are so healthy.

Daniel Oliviera. Founder of Rising Roots

After travelling the globe for many years gaining perspective, Dan came across microgreens in California, USA. It had hit the health food and restaurant scene in San Francisco back in the 90’s and he immediately knew that he wanted to introduce this niche product back to his motherland, Scotland. The entire concept aligned with his ethics and morals; to promote local, organic farming as well as adopt a zero waste and circular economy at the same time boosting healthy living.

After starting as a sole trader in 2020 Dan had to battle against the push back of a global pandemic. The business model depended on restaurants at a time when there were none. Rising Roots had to diversify to concentrate on home delivery and retail. With community support and resilience Dan saw past the pandemic and now he personally delivers not only to home subscribers and local shops but also to many of the finest restaurants, hotels and eateries in the north of Scotland and beyond.

Dan Oliviera (founder, Rising Roots Microgreens)

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