Grow Kit

Grow Kit


Grow Kits

Having fresh food at your fingertips is any chefs dream. Having densely rich food to harvest at any given moment is any health practitioners desire. Having the thirst to grow and learn is every child. These grow kits fit the needs of so many individuals. Seize the opportunity to grow and learn. Impress your community and encourage them to do the same. Each one teach one the magic of sowing a seed.

These kits come in two options

1. sow-and-grow = kale; radish; broccoli

2. sow-and-grow-more = pea shoots; mustard; rocket; broccoli.

Within each grow kit contains the following// *seeds. *soil. *pots for growing. *spray bottle for watering. *instructions on how to start growing your own food at home.

Rising Roots guarantees there is never use of any chemicals pesticides or herbicides. Only organic soil, seed and filtered water.

Fresh, local and organic.